The Little Things

You have the patience to work through my past with me.

You don’t try to fix me; you let me do it on my terms, in my way, and if I need you then you are then.

My favourite thing you have said to me is: ‘come to bed my darling’. The tone you did it was so beautiful I just wanted to cuddle you.

You encourage me to do the things that I find intimidating. Like running. You actually make running fun. Even when I get angry and swear the whole time and you quote motivational posters at me. It drives me mad, but after I think back and smile.

When I walk towards you I can’t help but smile and I feel stupid the whole time that I have this dumbass grin on my face.

I am your Fruitloop and you are my Fuckwit.

I like the way my head fits on your shoulder.

I even like your snoring in an odd way. If I don’t see you for a while I actually miss it.

I like that when we cuddle we end up in nuclear levels of heat.

When I wake up in the mornings, and my make up has all come off, and I have morning breath, that you are still genuinely happy to see me.

When you tell me that I look good it’s like it just fell out of your mouth straight from your brain without you thinking about it.

I can always trust you to be honest with me and you will always talk to me and listen to me.

You are so insanely kind to me that when I get stressy because I can’t sleep you stroke my hair until I fall asleep like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

You always make me feel like the most important person in the room when we are together.

I like that we can’t keep our hands off each other. The reasons I am attracted to you have about 2% to do with the way you look. I appreciate your body, but it’s your mind I want to fuck.

You don’t judge me even when I can find a million reasons why you should.

Just when I think I understand you, you surprise me.

There’s about a million different ways I could try and describe you to some one. But This picture. This one right here. This is how I see you.


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